Three Licenses for your Adobe Stock Photos

An Adobe Stock license allows you to use the images and footages anywhere in the world. Since the stock site is accessible in most countries and available in 20 languages, you can search for the perfect image to jumpstart your creative project easily and fast. The license never expires, too. You can use the images anytime you need.

Where can you use Adobe Stock photos? You can use them in:

  • Print
  • Presentations
  • Social Media Sites
  • Websites

However, you cannot distribute the Adobe Stock photos by posting them online or any way that would allow other people to use them without getting their own license.

Here are the three types of license offered at Adobe Stock:

  • Standard. This type of license allows you to create 500,000 copies of the Adobe Stock photos in print, software, and digital documents. The number of audience allowed for broadcasting is 500,000 too. You can also create products for resale such as t-shirts and coffee mugs.
  • Enhanced. An Enhanced License essentially have all the rights that a Standard License include. The only difference is that this type of license removes the 500,000 copy restriction – meaning you can create unlimited copies of the photos. All videos and premium images come with an Enhanced License.
  • Extended. An Extended License provides all the rights granted by an Enhanced license, plus unlimited copies and production for resale.

Note that these licenses are only applicable to individuals and Creative Cloud teams only. If you wish to purchase Adobe Stock photos for your enterprise, you need to contact the stock site. If you are not sure which license to get or if you need an upgrade from Standard license, you can too. Just open your license history page.

Although the stock site is relatively new to the industry, it offers premium quality Adobe Stock photos that will surely enhance your creative projects. It has one of the largest image libraries in the market, so you can be certain that you will find what you are looking for.