Stock photo agencies have their own limitations when it comes to using their images. Just like the rest of them, PixelRockstar also have its own set of rules. However, the site removes the common limitations that traditional image sources have. All in all, here are the only prohibitions in the use of the images of the stock photo site:

  • You cannot use the images in sexual or hate context. Pretty much all stock photo agencies do not allow the use of their images in sexual or hate context, especially if it involves photos of people. The same applies with PixelRockstar. You cannot use their photos in illegal or sensitive context. If you are in doubt of your purposes, feel free to contact the team.
  • You cannot use the images to convey illegal messages. The stock photo site does not allow you to add hateful, sexual or defamatory text of any kind. Sensitive and illegal messages are prohibited, too.
  • You cannot sell, share and distribute the images. Most stock photo agencies prohibit the selling, sharing and distributing of images, including PixelRockstar.
  • You cannot use PixelRockstar imagery for physical products. This means you cannot use the images on print or other physical use such as t-shirts and mugs. You cannot use them on printed products like eBooks and magazines either. The license is limited to digital use only, so you can use them on your blog or social media accounts only.

Since we mention what you cannot do with stock photos for blogs, we may as well talk about where you can use PixelRockstar’s images. The custom digital license lets you incorporate the images on your blog and social media accounts, and use them forever. That’s right! You can use the high quality images in any project for as long as you like – provided that you abide with the terms and conditions of the stock photo site.

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